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Battle Axe

The Battle Axe is a weapon in Cry of Fear used by both Nack and Shadow Wolf. The Battle Axe is a known Nordic weapon used in war. The first enemies to have the Battle Axe are the Aztecs.

Stealth KillsEdit

  • "Violent" : The player slashes the enemies head open with the Battle Axe and pull out.
  • "Heinous" : The player slashes the side of the enemy into his thigh. The enemy turns around and is decapitated by the player.
  • "Gruesome" : The player slashes the enemy's leg and the enemy goes on his knees. The player then bashes the enemy's back twice onto the ground. The player then decapitates the enemy.
  • "Drop Kill" : The player drops onto the enemy and and decapitates them.