"Beginner's Luck" is the season premiere episode of the HBO television series, Cry of Fear. The episode premiered on January 10th, 2012 and received over 835,000 views on it's first day, an average but low view count for the HBO line-up. The following episode was released on January 21st and entitled "Surveillance".


David Mason is a transfer student who moves to Shade Falls, a small quiet town. On David's first day of school, he meets a befriends Renna Luther, Jan Peterman, Lilly Cormack and Kate Evers. Together, the group creates an after school club for fun activities and month pasts. Since then, David has become homely and welcome in Shade Falls but is not yet aquainted with the area itself. During a weekday, Renna and Jan decide to show David the whole town and eventually having lunch with Lilly and Kate.

After the tour is over, Jan decides to go home but Renna and David travel to Renna's "secret hideout". The hideout is revealed to be the town dump, in which Renna searches for treasures and collectables. As she scouts ahead, David stays back to rest and is snuck up on by Adam Hutchins, a local photographer. Adam asks what Renna is doing and David jokingly answers that she is hiding bodies. He is then surprised to hear Adam recall a real murder. David learns of Shade Falls history in which the government tried to destory the town by deconstructing the dam. The town fought back though and won but the real reason for the stop was a series of brutal murders including the head construction chief.

Renna returns and Adam bids farewell and tells them he will see them at the Wicker Festival the next day. renna then asks help from David to pull out a Colonel Chicken doll from the rubble but he is only able to bring out a stuffed teddy bear before they leave. Wanting to forget about the "town history" and the book, he throws it out into the sea as he finally gets home.

The next day at the festival, the club has a fun time and soon they sit to watch Lilly do a ceremonial ritual. David leaves to the bathroom and spots Adam and his nurse wife Connie, leaving the forbidden shrine. Adam and Connie tell him about the “Socrates Curse” in which people die during the Wicker Festival. The following day, David is called out of class to talk to Chief Porter who tells him that Adam was found dead and Connie is now missing. David shudders with shock as the episode ends.