Naruto Kunai EM20905BK-2

Rock Blade weapon

A Rock Blade is a weapon item used in Cry of Fear. The weapon is both aquireable by Nack and Shadow Wolf. The Rock Blade is a weapon variable of the kunai which is the real name.

Use Edit

The Rock Blade is used as a weapon against enemies. Like all other weapons, the Rock Blade can do 4 stealth kills; "Violent", "Heinous", "Gruesome" and the drop kill. The weapon is placed as a small weapon in the color blue.

Stealth Kills Edit

  • "Violent" : The player stabs the enemy in the neck and then the enemy goes down on his knees. The player than slams the Rock Blade into the enemy's skull, killing them.
  • "Heinous" : The player repeatedly stabs the enemy in the back. The enemy then turns around and the player stabs the person in the face killing the enemy.
  • "Gruesome" : The player slashes the back of the enemy twice. The enemy turns around and is stabbed in the stomach three times and falls on his knees. The player then slashes the enemy's neck and kills them.
  • "Drop Kill" : The player drops on the enemy and knocks him to the ground. The player then goes on top of the enemy and stabs him in the face twice.