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Savage warrior.

Savages are a clan of hunters in Cry of Fear and the main enemies of the whole game. The Savages have no understandable dialougue and mostly speak in grunts and roars. There original leader is Chief Torque though they take most orders from Nekron due to their enslavement. Torque is later replace by an unnamed Savage after his death in the level Three Little Indians.

Description Edit

The Savages are a group of mindless, insane and violent killers who do not care for their victims and murder at any given time. The Savages have no clear words and mostly talk grunts and roars while giving signals with there hands. The only Savage to know some clear english is their leader Chief Torque who is just as malevolent as them all. Savages are also idiots as they do whatever they want and do not watch for hazards. Savages are somewhat cival though as they work good in group and can build, hunt and fight very well.

Background Edit

The Savages were there own clan who lived somewhere in to jungles. It was most likely that the Savages were known for there violence and were always avoided because of this. Savages lived in there own peace but probably also hunted and killed other people in the Jungle for their own means as well. The Savages were eventually enslaved by Nekron, an evil wizard who lived at Draven Castle. Nekron imprisoned them and forced them to work for him. Nekron ordered the Savages to invade all tribes in the Woodlands and Jungle for him in his quest for domination over the kingdom. They did just that and killed off many tribes and villages for him including Nack and Shadow Wolf's homes while also kidnapping Larna, the daughter of King Cortos.

Extinction Edit

The Savages are a small group all together even though many of them seem to work together. Most of them are killed by both Nack and Shadow Wolf through the game. In the level All Aboard, it is impled that all of the Savages are killed off by the duo including there second leader. After the level, Savages are never seen again.

Trivia Edit

  • Most Savages only dress in a small cloth around their waist and a small cultural necklace.
  • No dialougue by the Savages could be understood.
  • Savages can be spared and not attack the player but only sometimes.